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About Kanagawa Workers’ Collective Federation

Our Vision, Our Hope

 Since 1982 when the first workers’ collective was established in Japan, we have committed ourselves to create an “alternative way of working”, rather than being employed. We aim to change the society through this idea.
  The workers’ collective has now more variety of jobs within the organizations and has been expanded all over Japan. However, our society has also significantly changed with its decreasing birth rate and ageing, shrinking population. The loss of local communities has accelerated social exclusion and poverty.
 Therefore, we provide the goods and services necessary for the community at a community price (i.e a price that we can easily afford when we want to use them), based on the broad experiences we have through many activities of Seikatsu club cooperative association. We are continuing our activities every day as we want to realize a more equal, caring community.

 This is our vision - and this is our hope that will continue to the future.

 Every member of the workers’ collective has a right to vote and we have pursued the value of life that is not solely dependent on money. We seek the value of working for the life that is worth living.

 - I could contribute to my job with my special skills. I want to feel that I am needed in my work place.
 - I want to realise a way of working with which everyone is united under fraternity but respects the individual way of thinking at the same time.

 This is what we wish to make come true.
 We hope to promote the ‘decent’ works that we have implemented through our activities and contribute to the future where no one is excluded from the society.

Activities of Kanagawa Workers’ Collective Federation

  The Federation supports the workers’ collective groups that are active in Kanagawa and promotes our ideas and our way of working in Japan.

Our Main Activities

 - Support for starting up new business
  Advices on funding and financial planning when starting up a new business
 - Support for the members of Federation
  Lectures and training for taxes and organizational operations
  Consultation on business operations
  Communication and cooperation with other organizations
 - Public relations
   Publication of books, magazines and pamphlets
  Planning events
  Collaboration with other organizations
  Advocacy activities
Our History

  In 1982, the first workers’ collective was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa. Since then, in response to the needs of the time, many new workers’ collective organizations have been established in the communities. The scope of activities also developed from the outsourcing works by Seikatsu club to various welfare services.
 As the numbers of workers’ collective organizations increased, the need to systematically solve the various issues such as organizational operations and business challenges emerged. The Federation was established when the number of organizations reached 25 and the number of members 968 in order to resolve such issues as well as to expand the organizations for more social recognition.
 In 1995, Workers’ Collective Network Japan (WNJ) was established as a national organization. WNJ comprises 8 Workers’ Collective organizations (from Kanazawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Hokkaido, Kinki and Kumamoto) and strongly promotes social recognition of workers’ collective and legislation of the concerning laws.

Foundation September 1989
Objectives * Drive forward the workers’ collective movement and develop businesses within the movements. * Expand and enhance the civil sector.
* Establish a ‘participatory system’.
* Resolve issues and challenges in workers’ collective organizations and activities.
* Promote advocacy in the politics and social systems.
Location Ishibashi Build. 4F, 4-39 Minami-Nakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 231-0006, Japan
Phone: 81-(0)45-662-4303 /FAX: +81-(0)45-662-4306