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What is ‘Workers’ Collective’?

Even in old age or having a disability, you are entitled to have a happy, fulfilling life in your local community.
To support such lives in our community, we set up businesses initiated and run by the local citizens.
We cooperatively provide the goods and services that are needed in the community and offers work places in our local area at the same time.
Every member shares and contributes to “investment”, “responsibility for management” and “labour” in our organisation.
We call this system “cooperative of workers".

Investment by everyone

  • By making a direct financial contribution to our business, we can run the necessary business in our own way.

Management by everyone

  • We decide on the budget, make the business plan together and run the business accordingly with our own responsibilities.
  • We can do our business based on the ideas and values shared by our colleagues.

Working together

  • We choose the way we work and do not work in the way we are told.
  • We promote work sharing.
  • Working hours are decided on each member’s individual circumstances and conditions through discussions with every member in the organisation.